Keep water in good quality and stable, supply the shrimp nutrition and improve immunity, enhance disease resistance, we take care of aquatic breeding and offer a complete useful solutions


From piglet to fattening pig, we provides the full nutrition supplements and anti-diarrheal solutions, keep gut health and improve gut performance is the key to get growth promotion


Egg quality and production is the key factor for layer, and promote growth performance is key factor for broiler, we deeply research essential products and offer ideal solutions for poultry


Un-protected products are easily damaged by microorganisms in the rumen, so we adopt an advanced technical for product protecting to bypass rumen and get more intestinal absorption for improve bioavailability

Feed Ingredients

Mainly including high bioavailability products as amino acid chelated minerals, yeast and its further processed products, and enteric coated essential oil, the aim is to offer a full set of solutions for effectively improve animal performance